The Armadillo Story

As armadillos do, one day Yoana decided to embark on a great global migration north from her Colombian birthplace to Canada where love shaped her future. First she set roots in the northern country when she married her Canadian boyfriend. Then, as Yoana settled into her new surroundings, she recognized a gap in the fashion market in her new home of Alberta Canada. She decided to turn her love for style, colour and fashion into a leather handbag company called Armadillo Leather Handbags. The company offers stylish, high-quality leather bags that don’t break the bank and customers feel good about buying.

Armadillo is a lifestyle brand dedicated to manufacturing leather goods from hides that would otherwise be animal by-product; and are produced through eco-friendly production processes and ethical labour practices. Armadillo believes that we can be fashionable and globally responsible at the same time.

Armadillo Leather Handbags can be shopped in a number of boutiques and stores across Canada, as well as direct online. We love collaborating with other artists and businesses. The world is a more beautiful place when we work together!