Leather Care

Our 100% leather products are designed in Canada and manufactured in Colombia. Armadillo products are designed for high use and durability as they are made with high quality leather materials. To ensure this, we recommend the following leather care instructions:

  • 1. Keep leather items out of the sun: The sun will dry the leather out and cause it to become brittle. Once your leather has become brittle it will begin to crack and deteriorate.
  • 2. Keep the items in a cool, dry place when not in use. Don’t leave your items in a humid or wet basement – this could promote the growth of mildew.
  • 3. Keep leather away from abrasives that can scuff or cut it. Try not to leave your leather on a gravel driveway, for example. However, throughout the lifespan of your leather something is bound to happen to it. Worn out leather looks nice too.
  • 4. Add moisture to your leather. If you find that your leather is starting to dry out or crack it may be time to moisturize the material. There are a number of oils and waxes that can help you reduce the cracks and dryness in your leather. Don’t use aerosol.
  • 5. Keep the leather clean. Try to brush your leather down with a damp cloth at least once a week. If you are diligent about doing a quick clean of your leather then you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning later on, which is much more difficult.
  • 6. Use a damp cloth. Start by brushing off any dirt of grime from the leather with your hand, then switch to a damp cloth.
  • 7. Do not use any soaps or cleansers. These types of chemicals can remove the natural oils in the leather used to preserve the material. Chemical soaps will cause the leather to dry out, crack, and begin to deteriorate. Stick with water but don’t submerge it or expose to a full stream.
  • 8. Air dry. If it rained and you’re bag is soaking wet avoid putting it by a fire, out in the sun, or near a heater to dry it off like you would with cloth. Dry your leather in room temperature by letting it sit.


Foil Monogramming

  • The metallic foil in your monogramming can fade with general wear and tear or if it comes in contact with substances that can react to the composition of the foil, such as perfumes, cosmetics and other chemicals.
  • Excessive rubbing can also cause the metallic foil to fade.
  • Please note that as all our monogramming is done by hand, every item is unique and there may be slight variations.


Applied Customization

  • For our applied customization options (Shadow Text and Cursive) excessive scratching can affect the personalization color. If the product is intentionally bent or folded this also can cause the personalization to be damaged.
  • Please note that as all our personalization is done by hand, every item is unique and there may be slight variations.



  • Our embroidery is done by machine, every item is unique and there may be slight thread colour
  • Avoid contact with sharp, abrasive objects or fire as the threads may come off.